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What Does 3Play Media Do?

  • Will there be more services available to me with the acquisition of Captionmax and NCC?

    One of the reasons this combination is so exciting is how we can leverage each other’s strengths to provide more and better services. Over time, this combination will allow us to expand our service offerings.

  • Do you offer live captions?

    Yes, we offer live auto-captioning using automated speech recognition. Our live auto-captioning service integrates with video and meeting platforms like YouTube, Zoom, Facebook, Brightcove, JW Player, as well as any given RTMP stream. Additionally, we offer upgrade paths to our full transcription and captioning service with human editing and review to ensure a fully compliant, 99%+ accurate caption file on the recording.

  • What languages do you support for captioning/transcription?

    We provide captioning/transcription in 25 source languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Turkish, Persian, Hindi, Hebrew, Thai, Indonesian, Czech, Bosnian, Croatian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Slovenian, and Swedish.

  • Do you integrate with video platforms and other systems?

    We integrate with dozens of video platforms (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura), lecture capture systems (e.g. Mediasite, Panopto), learning management systems (e.g. Blackboard, Canvas), and cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box). These integrations can be set up in a matter of minutes and greatly simplify your workflow.

  • Do you offer machine captioning/transcription?

    We offer machine captioning/transcription (using automatic speech recognition) with an option to add human review at a later time.

  • Do you offer audio description?

    Audio description is an accommodation for blind and low-vision viewers that narrates the critical visual information in a video to provide context, clarify speakers, and articulate visual elements. We offer standard and extended audio description.

  • Can my captions be translated to other languages?

    After your transcript/captions have been created, they can be translated to almost any language.

  • What is the 3Play Plugin?

    The 3Play Plugin creates an interactive, accessible, and multilingual video experience for viewers. It is an all-in-one plugin that allows you to activate an interactive transcript, translations, audio descriptions, captions, and SEO features. It is customizable and supports most video players and LMS systems.

  • What is transcript alignment?

    If you already have a transcript, you can upload it along with the video and we’ll synchronize the text to produce captions.

  • Do you offer caption placement?

    We offer automated and manual caption placement services to help you meet FCC requirements cost-effectively. Automated caption placement uses an algorithm to analyze the screen and determine the position of the caption frame. With manual caption placement, a transcript editor personally checks the placement of each caption frame, ensuring 100% that captions don’t block important visual elements.

How Does 3Play Media Compare?

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Accuracy and Quality

  • What is your accuracy for captioning/transcription?

    We guarantee a minimum of 99% accuracy and our actual measured accuracy averages 99.6%. We achieve this level of accuracy the first time and every time, eliminating the need for review and rework. This article describes the effort we invest to make sure we always achieve at least 99% accuracy.

  • Can you handle content that is very technical or specialized?

    We excel at captioning videos with technical or academic content, diverse speakers, heavy accents, background noise, overlapping voices, and poor audio quality. We have developed numerous technologies and trained our staff to achieve the best possible quality and accuracy under all circumstances.

  • What quality standards do you follow?

    We adhere to DCMP best practices for speaker identification, sound effects and non-speech elements, tone, caption formatting, grammar, and line breaks. We also adhere to a strict set of transcription standards that covers paragraphing, inaudible tags, treatment of technical terminology, word synchronization, false starts, filler words, broken sentences, interruptions, handling poor audio quality, accents, and overlapping voices, general numbers, lists and ranges, roman numerals, percentages/decimals/fractions, currency, ordinal place, scores, websites, telephone numbers, punctuation, capitalization, dates and times, onomatopoeias, abbreviations, acronyms, and quotations.

  • Do you split media files among numerous transcriptionists?

    No. Many vendors chop up each video into micro segments that are split up among numerous transcriptionists. This creates inconsistencies and quality issues. We use a single transcriptionist to work on a file from beginning to end. This ensures that the transcriptionist has the full context of the content to better identify proper nouns and that the transcript contains completely consistent standards and spellings.

  • What differentiates 3Play Media’s audio describers?

    All 3Play Media audio describers go through a rigorous certification process, just like our transcriptionists. Our describers follow DCMP description key guidelines and best practices for prioritizing what to describe, how to describe, and when to describe the visuals in your content.

  • What differentiates 3Play Media’s transcriptionists?

    Our transcriptionists are a critical part of our process at 3Play Media, and are treated as such. All transcriptionists go through a rigorous certification process. They are unique individuals who are detail-oriented, have a strong grasp of English grammar, and are eager to help your content be the best and most accessible it can be.

  • Will your system learn the correct spelling of specialized terminology?

    Yes, as you process content, our system automatically learns the correct spelling of terminology, proper names, and words specific to your business. This significantly reduces errors over time.

  • Can I submit a glossary of terms?

    Yes, you can submit a cheat sheet with specialized vocabulary, acronyms, names, or places. This helps our transcriptionists to decipher the spoken words.

  • How do you calculate accuracy?

    While our 99.6% accuracy output is considered very high quality, it is not perfect. 99.6% accuracy leaves up to 0.4% error, which means that a 10-minute file with 1,500 words could have up to 6 errors. If a word contains a typo or is misspelled, that counts as one error. Our standard process aims to transcribe all content exactly as it is spoken, including false starts, while omitting certain unnecessary utterances, such as “um” and “uh”.

  • What if I need a truly flawless transcript?

    If you need a flawless transcript, we offer a full review option. This typically increases accuracy to 99.9%. Another option is to review and edit the files yourself, using the caption editor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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