AI Dubbing

Precise and cost-effective dubbing powered by a human-in-the-loop workflow and AI technology.

Experience AI Dubbing


A high-quality solution for your global audience at a
fraction of the cost of traditional dubbing.

Powered by Humans and AI Technology

Dubbing Without Compromise


Our solution offers the best of everything to help you
level up your global reach and maximize video ROI.

A Flexible Enterprise Solution


Our enterprise AI Dubbing solution provides the flexibility to meet unique
localization needs and to expand your video reach into new global markets.

The possibilities for your video strategy are endless.

Experience AI Dubbing for yourself.

How to enjoy the demos:

• Press play
• Use the Audio Track 🎧 button to toggle between language choices
• Listen in awe 

Why Choose AI Dubbing?

Expand Your Brand Reach


Break down language barriers and reach global audiences in their native language, ensuring worldwide access to your brand.

Our advanced solution captures language and cultural nuances that ensure a natural viewing experience in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese with more languages coming soon.

It’s a world-class product with world-class reach.


Expand Your Reach

Workflow Automation for Seamless Dubbing

Say goodbye to manual dubbing and hello to our robust platform, integrations,
and workflows, designed for an efficient and seamless user experience.


3Play Media's user interface platform depicting the My Files page where one can see the status of file orders and order additional services directly in the My Files page.

Take Your Brand Global

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