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Click Upload to select a service, turnaround time, and file location. If you already have a transcript for your media file, you can use the automated transcript alignment service. This is a faster and less expensive way to create captions and use interactive transcripts. Our alignment service supports both English and Spanish transcripts.

From the My Files page, you can monitor the job status, organize your files, and download a multitude of caption and transcript formats. You can also create translations and multilingual subtitles from your English captions. By default, your captions, transcripts, and subtitles are stored in your account indefinitely. You can access them at any time and download new formats as many times as you want.

Although rarely necessary, your account lets you view and edit your captions and subtitles after they’ve been processed. Your edits propagate to all output files, and there’s no need to reprocess. If your videos will be published on a website, you can install an interactive transcript that will make your videos searchable, more engaging, and SEO friendly. Your account also includes the Clipmaker tool, which lets you search across your videos and create clips by highlighting the spoken text. This is a great tool for market researchers, video producers, and editors.

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