Translating Closed Captions: Resources for Global Video SEO

November 10, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: February 22, 2018

Translating Closed Captions to Increase Global Video SEO

It is sometimes easy to forget that YouTube is a worldwide platform, but in fact, 80% of YouTube views come from outside the US and 67.5% of YouTube views come from non-English speaking countries. Looking at Internet usage more broadly, less than 27% of Internet users speak English as their primary language.

What these statistics mean is that if you are not translating your videos, you are missing out on a vast opportunity to expand your audience globally. Not only will your content be more accessible to the nearly 70% of YouTube users who come from non-English speaking countries, but your content will also rank better in search engines: there is simply less competition across different languages, which will help you rank higher against competitors. Plus, YouTube, Google, and other search engines don’t penalize duplicate content across different languages. There is also the fact that your videos are more likely to have better watch time and engagement metrics if viewers understand the spoken content, which is a major factor in YouTube’s ranking algorithm.

Because translation is such an integral part of expanding your video SEO strategy globally, we have collected a number of resources to help you integrate translation and subtitling into your workflow.

Video Translation and Subtitling Resources

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Video Translation Best Practices for SEO

SEO best practices for translating closed captions
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Global Online Video and YouTube Statistics

Top 10 countries in YouTube viewership outside the US
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Resources for YouTube SEO and Adding Subtitles to YouTube Videos

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