Why Process Matters When Choosing a Video Transcription Company

June 11, 2015 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: January 4, 2018

Why Process Matters When Choosing a Video Transcription Company)

When selecting a transcription and captioning company, one factor to consider is the process of video transcription.

There are a several ways to create transcripts and captions for video. Some methods are faster, cheaper, or more accurate than others. If you understand how these methods differ, you can select a video transcription vendor that suits your needs.

Does the Vendor Use Offshore Transcriptionists?

While offshore labor is cheap, it’s also much less accurate, as transcriptionists are unlikely to have the same facility with English grammar, spelling, and intent as native speakers do.

Expect lower or inconsistent quality from transcripts that haven’t been reviewed by a native English speaker. This cheaper transcription option may not be worth the cost.

Is Video Transcription Crowdsourced?

Crowdsourcing can be risky. Crowdsourced transcription companies segment an audio or video file into smaller parts and distribute those projects among the crowd.

When multiple people work on a larger work, inconsistencies are bound to arise. You might run into problems with conflicting speaker identification tags, different grammar and punctuation choices, or a change of tone from one segment to another. Unless they are specifically trained, it’s also unlikely that the transcriptionists will follow legal accessibility standards.

Ultimately this damages the quality of your transcript and will require editorial oversight to correct.

How are Transcriptionists Trained?

It is important to take into account whether the vendor’s transcriptionists are professionally trained and follow rigorous standards. Ensure that your vendor’s transcriptionists have domain expertise, receive proper training, and undergo regular auditing for quality assurance.

If not, then there will be major inconsistencies from file to file, especially if you have technical or academic content that needs transcription.

What’s the Best Video Transcription Process?

The most efficient way to produce accurate transcripts involves a multi-step process.

Vendors who leverage technology by first putting the video through speech recognition software are more cost-effective because the transcriptionists aren’t starting from scratch.

Using the transcript produced by speech recognition, trained transcriptionists can then go through and edit the transcript, checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation, intent, and proper nouns.

A third level of review ensures that the transcript is flawless, which is essential for broadcasting closed caption standards.


The best way to guarantee an accurate, affordable, and timely transcript is to understand your vendor’s process.

Your video transcription company should leverage technology to provide an initial transcript and employ trained, native English-speaking transcriptionists to provide you with appropriate intent and accuracy.

Watch the video below to learn more about 3Play Media’s video transcription process:

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