How to Automate the Captioning Workflow with Video Platform Integrations!

Updated: June 7, 2019

What is an integration?

Integrations link disparate systems or platforms to make it easy to share information and build workflows between the two.

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Our integrations are engineered to make the captioning process a whole lot easier.

We integrate with most leading video platforms like Brightcove, Kaltura, YouTube, Vimeo, and Mediasite (see full list here).

Our integrations allow you to select the files you want captioned, directly from your video platform or cloud storage.

Why should you integrate?

You should integrate because it will save you a ton of time!

While our account system is very user-friendly, if you are constantly uploading videos for captioning, or if you have a list of things to do other than captioning, integrations can really come in handy.

Integrations streamline the captioning process.

For example, here is what the captioning process looks like without an integration:

Can you imagine doing this multiple times for all the videos you upload?

Now watch this magic.

Here is the captioning process with an integration:

Isn’t it easier to have an integration?

Who do we integrate with?

We integrate with 26 video platforms and 3 major cloud storage solutions.

Our most common integration is the roundtrip integration.

With the roundtrip integration, all you have to do is tag 3Play Media on the video you want captioned from your video player account, and we take care of the rest.

With some of our integrations, your videos will populate in your 3Play Media account, and you can choose directly from you 3Play account which ones you want captioned.

We will then automatically post the captions back to your video.

Our cloud storage solutions work in a similar manner, except a special folder will be created in your storage account where you can organize and manage your videos and captioning files.

How to set up an integration

Setting up an integration is easy. All it takes is a onetime link between your 3Play account and your video player or cloud storage account.

All our integrations follow a similar format. To link your account, simply log into the 3Play account system, Upload Media, then under Linked Account click, select New Linked Account. You will then be prompted to log into your [insert video player name] account and allow 3Play Media access, or enter your video player’s API credentials.

Note: When you give 3Play Media access, we won’t ever post or download anything without your permission. Privacy is important!

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