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Making Data Visualization Accessible with Tori Clark

March 18, 2022

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Welcome to 3Play Media’s Allied Podcast, a show on all things accessibility. This month’s episode features Tori Clark and is about data visualization.

Tori Clark is a digital accessibility consultant at Airbnb. Tori has worked in the accessibility field for a decade, bringing her lifelong passion for disability rights to the worldwide web. Raised by public school teachers, Tori believes that accessibility education and awareness can be seeded at every stage of the product development lifecycle and loves to help that learning blossom. She specializes in UX for low vision and motor disabilities, lending her lived experience as a native user of Windows high contrast settings and Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Additionally, Tori founded an emerging nonprofit called Digital A11ies, which aims to normalize web accessibility at a grassroots level.

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