Product Features

Our goal is to make our services robust and easy to use. We provide one-click integrations with dozens of third party systems, a powerful account system, flexible API’s, and interactive plugins.

Account System

Everything you need to process files and track job status. Supports multiple departments, users, and admin privileges.

3Play Plugin

The 3Play Plugin allows you to add interactive transcripts, audio description, captions, and SEO to your videos to make them more accessible, interactive, SEO-friendly, and searchable.

Playlist Search

Lets users search across your entire video library and jump to an exact point in a video.

Transcript Alignment

If you already have transcripts this is the fastest and least expensive way to get captions and use the interactive video plugins.

Caption Import

Import your existing captions or translated subtitles to convert to other formats or use interactive transcripts.

Video Clip Captioner

Create closed captions for your video clips by extracting them from your existing full-length captions.

Vertical Caption Placement

Choose automatic or manual solutions for positioning captions on the screen.

Caption & Subtitle Editor

Although rarely necessary, you can edit your captions or translated subtitles on the fly after they have been processed.

Audio Description Editor

Our unique description process allows end users to edit their audio descriptions directly in their 3Play Media account.

Clipmaker 2.0

Search your videos and create clip reels by cutting and pasting sections of the transcript.

Caption Encoder

Download a self-contained M4V video with embedded closed captions that works with an iPhone and many other devices.

Open Captioning

Download a self-contained M4V video with open captions burned into the video.

Upload Approval

Review and approve/reject orders placed by users in your organization.

For Developers

Our flexible APIs enable you to set up completely automated workflows and build custom applications.

Caption Format Converter

Convert Captions or Subtitle Files to Different Formats Online.

Video Platform Metrics

Track progress on captioning content in your video platforms, including metrics on the volume and duration of captioned videos compared to total videos.