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When it comes to hosting live events, adding captions can be game-changing for engagement (not to mention, it complies with WCAG Level AA guidelines).

3Play Media’s live captions can be displayed on many live streaming platforms – in real-time.

Our account system offers an easy way to schedule your live captions, add a wordlist, and upgrade the final transcript for full transcription.

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Available for English only streams. Learn more about our post-production translation services.
Key Benefits
→ Improve accessibility for Deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers
→ Protect your organization against disability discrimination lawsuits
→ Improve comprehension for English language learners
→ Let users enjoy videos in sound-sensitive environments, like a noisy train or a quiet library
→ Increase engagement and comprehension of the material presented
Who Should Use Live Captions
Built for organizations hosting live events, meetings, and online classes. Meets WCAG 2.1 Level AA.

Product Highlights

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Efficient on-demand and integrated scheduling workflow in 3Play’s online platform, with an overview dashboard to manage all events from one location.

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Seamless automation with video platforms + flexible workflows that support a wide variety of live streaming inputs and outputs.
Complete access to the transcript and captions from all live recordings at no extra cost, with an easy and discounted upgrade path for post-event publishing.

How it Works

Send us your live stream, and we’ll send captions back.

number one Schedule live captioning via the 3Play platform using a stream from your video source.

number two Submit a wordlist or glossary of terms to improve the accuracy of the ASR on those words.

number three Stream your event and watch as the captions display right in the video player.

number four Download, edit, or upgrade your live transcript after your event via the 3Play account system.

Let’s Get Live Captioning

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(Source: Hubspot’s Inbound Conference 2019)

Integrations with top live streaming
video and meeting platforms:

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