3Play’s Real Time Captioning Services for Higher Ed

April 5, 2023 BY ABBY ALEPA

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Time spent in school is some of the most formative of our lives. We go to school to get an education, foster relationships and community, and prepare to become contributing members of society. Our experience in school is something that sticks with us forever.

Real time captioning is one way educators can provide students with an accessible, welcoming, and engaging school experience.

3Play Media’s Real Time Captioning

Live captioning is designed for live events and is performed in real-time. 3Play Media has two different types of reliable real time captioning to provide a tailored solution for your accessibility needs. When ordering live captions through 3Play, you’ll choose between Live Professional Captioning or Live Automatic Captioning depending on the event. For student accommodations, Live Professional Captioning is integral to a robust learning experience.

3Play Media’s Virtual Caption Encoding solution eliminates the need for additional live captioning hardware, seamlessly delivering high-quality captions to your students. In the words of 3Play’s co-founder and co-CEO Josh Miller, “Our virtual caption encoding solution takes a modern approach to live captioning, simplifying captioning workflows to deliver highly accurate and low-latency captions to our customers, ensuring a seamless experience.”

Live Professional Captions

3Play’s Live Professional Captioning service was developed with the student experience in mind. A truly prosperous education requires that each student can fully comprehend the class material, which is impossible for students who rely on captions if they’re not completely accurate. 3Play Media’s Live Professional Captioning uses trained professionals and is complete with auto caption failover and failback options, as well as caption customization and post-event accessibility to make your live events run as smoothly as possible.

Live Automatic Captions

Our Live Automatic Captioning service is generated by automatic speech recognition technology. Live Automatic Captioning is great for captioning low-visibility events that don’t require the highest level of accuracy. Because auto-captions have a lower accuracy rate compared to human-powered live captions, professional captions are preferred for education-focused content.

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Why 3Play Media?

There are plenty of vendors out there offering CART or real time captioning accommodations, and you want to make sure you select a vendor that understands your needs, budget, and standards for live captioning education content. Let’s talk about some of 3Play Media’s live caption features and how they can help you succeed.

Flexible Pricing

In a multi-industry report, respondents noted that the number one barrier to captioning was budget. Some schools are hesitant to caption because of pricing. Depending on the scale of a project, captioning prices can add up quickly.

At 3Play Media, we use a mix of patented technology and human editors to bring pricing down. We offer multiple pricing models: prepay, pay-as-you-go, and committed pay-as-you-go. We also offer custom discounts that increase with order size, so that your university can produce as much accessible content as possible.

nullPersonalized Billing

At large universities, there are often multiple campuses and departments that function separately. This can make billing for accessibility services arduous and complex, especially if one department or office handles caption costs for the entire university.

The 3Play platform is extremely flexible and allows for almost any payment configuration. One option is project level billing, which allows for invoicing at the project level instead of sending one university-wide invoice.

We also offer the ability to group multiple master accounts for additional reporting, visibility, access, and billing flexibility.

Easy Scheduling for the Entire Semester

It can be tedious to schedule live captions for each individual class session, especially if they occur multiple times a week. 3Play’s online platform features an efficient scheduling workflow with an overview dashboard to manage all events from one location.

Within the 3Play platform, you have full control to schedule recurring events, manage canceled classes, & track captioner assignments.

Post Lecture Perfection

After a live lecture or meeting ends, many students use the session’s transcript to revisit material or compile a study guide. 3Play goes through and polishes the transcript generated during the live event to correct any imperfections and guarantee that students are accessing entirely accurate information.


Uninterrupted Learning

Our Live Professional Captioning service includes an auto caption failover system that ensures an uninterrupted captioning experience for students. If there is a disruption to live professional captions, we will automatically switch to live automatic captions.


ADA Compliance

Our captions comply with the ADA Title III and Title II requirements for providing equal opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Live captioning your content will help you avoid costly legal consequences.

Second Screen Support

Our Live Professional Caption service solves your real time captioning needs for the classroom (which you may know as CART) and can be delivered to a second screen.

Use Cases for Real Time Captioning in Higher Education

While classes present one of the biggest needs for live captioning in education, there’s a lot more that goes on at school. Let’s get into some of the top use cases for real time captioning in higher education.


As the primary place where learning in school occurs, it’s incredibly important that class lectures and seminars be captioned, especially if there’s an accommodation request.

A University of South Florida St. Petersburg report shows the power of captions and interactive transcripts in the classroom setting:

  • 42% of students use captions to help maintain focus
  • 38% of students use interactive transcripts to help with information retention
  • Test scores increased by 3% for students who used captions
  • Test scores increased by 8% for students who used interactive transcripts


In-stadium captioning not only creates a more accessible experience for students and fans; it’s also required by law.

Without in-stadium captioning, attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing may miss out on important information or feel excluded from the full experience of a live event, such as a graduation ceremony or sports game. Real time in-stadium captioning can also benefit people who aren’t native speakers of the language spoken in the stadium.

3Play Media’s real time captioning projects captioning to multiple caption boards, including Daktronics, Ross Video, and Samsung. In addition to jumbotrons, concourse monitors, encoders, and second screens, 3Play also delivers in-stadium captioning to personal devices.


Graduation ceremonies are an opportunity for students to feel rewarded for their hard work. In order for families and students to enjoy a graduation ceremony to the fullest, they must be able to understand what’s being said throughout the commencement.

Providing live captions during hybrid graduations, both on the streaming platform and onscreen in person, creates a more engaging and accessible experience for all attendants.

An Accessibility Partner

Whether you’re new to real time captioning, want to caption more material, or just curious about how accessibility can benefit your institution and its students, 3Play Media is here to help. As the leading media accessibility provider in North America, 3Play can be the accessibility partner that’s by your side every step of the way.

Dedicated support teams and cutting-edge technology position 3Play Media to set your university up for success. 3Play provides everything you need to make your videos accessible for students, from live captioning to closed captioning, audio description, and translation services.

How to select the right closed captioning vendor. 10 questions to ask

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