How 3Play Helps Higher Education Prepare for New ADA Requirements

July 10, 2024 BY KELLY MAHONEY
Updated: July 23, 2024

[Free checklist] ADA Title II:
Preparing in Public Education

In our blog on ADA Updates: Title II’s Final Rule Clarifies Captioning and Audio Description in Higher Education, we broke down the basics of the latest updates to Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. With public colleges and universities implicated in these new requirements, we know that compliance is top of mind. Navigating the complexities of digital accessibility can be daunting – that’s where 3Play comes in. As a trusted partner in higher education, we’re here to support schools of every size in meeting updated standards efficiently and effectively. Two people shaking hands with a checkmark above them.

At 3Play, we understand the unique challenges that institutions face in scaling accessibility. Our solutions are designed not only to ensure compliance, but also to enhance the overall learning experience for students. In this blog, we’ll explore the ways in which 3Play Media is prepared to help you transition to a more inclusive and compliant educational environment.

Centering the student experience

Most importantly, our work with educational institutions is driven by a shared commitment to improving the overall student experience through accessibility. Students with and without disabilities report finding accessibility features helpful, and studies have shown that accessibility features like closed captions and transcripts can lead to tangible student outcomes, like higher test scores and better comprehension. 

In partnering with 3Play Media, educational institutions not only meet legal compliance requirements but also invest in tools that support diverse learning needs. By making lectures, multimedia resources, and classes accessible, we help colleges and universities create an environment that gives every student the same opportunity to succeed.

Working where you do (at scale)

We’re no strangers to scale. Our services are built to integrate seamlessly with existing workflows, and our platform is designed to handle large volumes of content. 3Play’s patented combination of advanced technology provides a consistent standard of accuracy and reliability, even as demand increases. 

Our ever-expanding pool of professional captioners ensures we can manage large volumes of content without compromising on quality or turnaround times. Whether it’s live captioning lectures, transcribing class documents, or providing audio description on multimedia resources, our team is equipped to meet the growing needs at public colleges and universities of any size.

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Data integrity and security

We understand the significance of security in today’s digital landscape, especially for higher education institutions handling sensitive student data and academic information. We’re committed to maintaining the highest security standards – including data encryption, secure file transfer protocols, and continuous monitoring to detect and respond to threats – all of which ensure that content processed through our platform is protected against breaches and unauthorized access.

3Play is proudly SOC 2 Type II certified, which demonstrates our adherence to rigorous security protocols and high-level operational controls. This certification means that educational institutions can rest easy knowing their student data will be managed with the utmost care and confidentiality.

Turnaround on your time

Classes get cancelled, students get sick, and anything can happen during the add/drop period. We know that schools often operate under strict schedules that simultaneously require flexibility, which is why our turnaround times are designed to accommodate the full spectrum of varying demands – whether a last-minute lecture needs captioning or you’re working on a complex department project with an extended timeline.

turnaround levels available, from two hours same day to 10 days

No matter what you’re working on, this flexibility allows for effective cost management without sacrificing on quality or availability. Institutions can plan accessibility strategies around their academic schedules, optimizing resource allocation and ensuring seamless integration with the educational process. 3Play’s tailored solutions align with the dynamic nature of academic environments, so we’re always ready when you are.

Financial flexibility

Given the recent ADA Title II updates, many institutions may now find themselves looking for accessibility services on large libraries or backlogs of content. To help manage these more extensive projects and remain cost-effective for customers, 3Play offers volume-based discounts. Our goal is to help schools satisfy compliance standards and student needs, without incurring prohibitive costs – with increased financial flexibility, we’re empowering institutions to meet accessibility obligations promptly and comprehensively.

Download the free checklist to start getting prepared.

free checklist ADA title II preparing in public education download your copy

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