The Current State of Automatic Speech Recognition: A Report

January 29, 2021 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: July 9, 2021

3Play Media conducts annual research – which is then compiled into a report – to provide the most up-to-date findings on the current state of automatic speech recognition (ASR) technologies as it applies to captioning and transcription.

One of the main reasons we produce this research every year is to make sure we are using the state of the art, highest performing ASR technology for our task of transcription.

 Read The 2020 State of Automatic Speech Recognition: ➡️ 

The state of ASR in 2020 was of particular interest, as the demand for video increased rapidly, and thus, so did the demand for captioning solutions. One way artificial intelligence (AI) is being applied to video is with automatic speech recognition. The 3Play Media captioning process relies on ASR as the first step in our 3-step process, followed by two rounds of human cleanup by professional editors. Having the best possible ASR technology as the starting point allows our editors to focus on the nuances of captions, ultimately leading to a better product.

The results in this report come from research in which we investigate the current state of ASR technology with specific regard to captioning accuracy.
Our research tested the most popular ASR technologies across content from eCommerce, higher education, fitness, media and entertainment, and enterprise industries. To test these engines, we used a large dataset representative of 3Play Media’s diverse customer base. In this study, we measured both word error rate (WER) and formatting error rate (FER) which are both necessary to gain a complete picture of accuracy for our purposes.

 Read The 2020 State of Automatic Speech Recognition: ➡️ 

Along with several other key findings, the results from this year’s research revealed a significant reduction in word error rate from Speechmatics V1 API (SMX) to Speechmatics v2 Real-Time (SMX+), and has thus led us to make the move from SMX to SMX+.

Read the full 2020 State of Captioning Report to learn more about our findings and discover what you can expect from both 3Play Media and ASR engines in 2021 and beyond.

The 2020 State of ASR Annual Report. Download the Free Report

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