Webinar: Accessibility at Capital One

Capital One is committed to making their products and services accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities.

At Capital One, everything is designed with accessibility at the forefront because as an online bank, they recognize that accessibility means usability for everyone.

In this webinar, Mark Penicook, Digital Accessibility Manager at Capital One, will take us through Capital One’s commitment and strategies for promoting web accessibility, as well as give insights into Capital One’s best practices for accessibility within an enterprise.

This presentation will cover:

  • An overview of accessibility at Capital One
  • How Capital One is making their platforms more accessible
  • Capital One’s best practices for accessible design at the enterprise level
  • How Capital One promotes awareness for accessibility
  • How Capital One drives engagement
  • Challenges and opportunities the accessibility team at Capital One has faced
  • The future of accessibility at Capital One


Mark Penicook
Sr. Manager of Accessibility | Capital One

Sofia Enamorado (Moderator)
3Play Media