FCC’s 2016 Order on Closed Captioning Responsibility Explained by the FCC

On February 18th, the FCC released a 2016 order to clarify who is responsible for complying with closed captioning requirements. The commission unanimously agreed on their decision, which divides responsibility between video programming distributors (VPDs) and video programmers. There are significant changes that all VPDs and video programmers should pay attention to.

In this webinar, Eliot Greenwald, the Deputy Chief of the Disability Rights Office at the FCC, will go over closed captioning requirements and responsibilities. He will cover the FCC’s 2014 order for closed captioning quality, the FCC’s recent 2016 order that allocates responsibility for captioning, and best practices for captioning according to the FCC.

This presentation will cover:

  • The FCC’s requirements for closed captioning
  • The FCC’s captioning quality standards
  • Overview of the FCC’s recent 2016 order
  • Responsibilities for ensuring captioning compliance for VPDs
  • Responsibilities for ensuring captioning compliance for video programmers
  • FCC best practices for captioning
  • Use of Electronic Newsroom Technique
  • Revisions to the FCC’s captioning complaint procedure


Eliot Greenwald
Deputy Chief, Disability Rights Office | FCC

Lily Bond (Moderator)
Director of Marketing | 3Play Media