How Captions + Interactive Transcripts Help Students in Online Courses

99% of students report captions are helpful. They help students with spelling, note-taking, comprehension, and clarification. They also benefit faculty because they facilitate learning.

So what happens when you incorporate an interactive transcript?

Interactive transcripts offer students a new level of engagement. Instead of having to scroll through a video to find a point of interest, students can simply search for it.

At the University of South Florida St. Petersburg (USFSP), the Distance Learning Accessibility Committee set out to examine if interactive transcripts were more beneficial for students than closed captions.

In this webinar, Lyman Dukes III, Ph.D., Karla Morris, M.Ed., and Casey Frechette, Ph.D from USFSP, three of the lead researchers from the study, will dive into their findings.

This presentation will cover:

  • Data & results from the study
  • The value added for students in online courses
  • The value of interactive transcripts for students in online course
  • How captions & interactive transcripts help students without disabilities
  • The policy and processes surrounding captioning and interactive transcripts at USFSP
  • Takeaways from the study


Lyman Dukes III, Ph.D.
Professor | University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Karla Morris, M.Ed.
Manager of Instructional Design Services | University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Sofia Enamorado (Moderator)
3Play Media