Accessibility Strategies for Educational Online Video

For many campuses, online video has become an essential part of teaching and learning. While online video has opened up the classroom to many more students, educational institutions have had to face legal, functional, and ethical pressures to provide accessible video accommodations to their students and staff. Closed captions are also being demanded by ESL students who benefit from the ability to review course content at their own pace. This session spotlights Portland Community College and University of Wisconsin. While both institutions have been progressive about accessibility, they have taken different approaches. This webinar will explore solutions that can be translated into actionable plans for your campus. Topics covered include:

  • Strategies and resources
  • Costs and benefits derived
  • Implementation best practices
  • Specific examples that will help you gain a deeper understanding of how to create an accessible campus


Patrick Wirth
Director of Media Services | University of Wisconsin-Extension

Haris Gunadi
Alternative Media Specialist | Portland Community College

Lily Bond
Marketing Manager | 3Play Media