How to Write a Web Accessibility Statement & Why You Should Be Proactive

While many businesses and state & local governments understand the need to make their physical spaces accessible under the ADA, many are unfamiliar with the requirements to make their websites accessible.

ADA lawsuits that cite inaccessible websites are becoming more and more common. Far too often, website accessibility is overlooked, and members of the disability community experience discrimination by not being able to access the programs, services, products, and activities provided through a website.

In this webinar, Marc Dubin, former Senior Trial Attorney of the US Department of Justice and CEO of ADA Expertise Consulting, will discuss why it is essential to be proactive with web accessibility. He will help businesses and state & local governments understand their web accessibility requirements under the ADA, as well as what to include in a web accessibility statement.

This presentation will cover:

  • What the ADA says about website accessibility
  • What makes a website accessible?
  • Common mistakes businesses and governments make
  • How to draft a web accessibility statement
  • Why you should care about website accessibility

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Marc Dubin
CEO | ADA Expertise

Sofia Leiva (Moderator)
3Play Media