How To Centralize Video Accessibility Efforts at Your Organization

How To Centralize Video Accessibility Efforts in Your Organization

Lack of captions, transcripts, and audio descriptions inhibit a large portion of the population from enjoying and interacting with your video content. Often, accessible content is put on the back burner for different reasons, such as limited budgets or lack of awareness of the legal requirements.

In order to avoid producing inaccessible video, it’s important to consider all elements of accessibility before production. As you implement more video accessibility practices into your video production, try making an effort to centralize the process.

Centralizing video accessibility can be enormously helpful in making accessibility testing and measurement more manageable and sustainable, which can save organizations time and resources and increase buy-in and budgets from executive teams.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Key steps to centralize accessibility in your organization.
  • Challenges in centralizing video accessibility.
  • Strategies to allow your budget to go further.