Hybrid Event Tech 101: A Higher-Ed Guide to Accessible Hybrid Events

Hybrid Event Tech 101: A Higher-Ed Guide to Accessible Hybrid Events

Now that the world is opening up again, the vast majority of event creators are looking to merge in-person and virtual events into one cohesive experience.

While a hybrid experience gives attendees greater flexibility, many event managers feel stuck when it comes to ensuring their event tech and assets are accessible.

In this webinar, Tyler Pyburn, co-founder of 5 Tools Productions, will share tips for hosting inclusive hybrid events. He’ll walk us through the tech and tools you need while providing insights into how other higher-ed clients are creating unforgettable experiences.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What hybrid event technology you need and don’t need
  • Best practices for accessible video content
  • Why accessibility matters to the attendee experience
  • Common challenges higher ed clients face around hybrid events and how to overcome them


Tyler Pyburn
Co-founder l 5 Tools Productions

Tyler Pyburn is a co-founder of 5 Tool Productions. A team of creative storytellers that uses video to inspire, disrupt and create lasting impact for brands and organizations.

He’s a former sports anchor that traded in the news desk for the corporate world which brought him to the realization that events need to be produced more like an interactive TV show!