Innovating for Inclusion

Join us for an engaging discussion with Sam Sepah, Lead Accessibility Research Product Manager at Google. In this session, Sam will take us on a journey through his experiences at Google and beyond, showcasing how innovation in accessibility technologies has transformed product experiences for users with disabilities. We will delve into the strategies that elevate equity and quality of life through inclusive product design.

Additionally, Sam will share his insights on the global impact of accessibility advocacy and its role in shaping a more inclusive future. Drawing from his experiences, he will discuss the challenges and triumphs of advancing accessibility on a global scale, shedding light on the cultural nuances and collaborative efforts that contribute to creating universally accessible solutions. Whether you’re a technology enthusiast, business leader, or advocate for inclusion, this webinar will inspire you to play an active role in driving positive change and accessibility in your own sphere of influence.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a leader in accessibility who has dedicated his career to making technology and workplaces more inclusive and empowering for all.