A Better Way to Make and Keep Websites Accessible

Most organizations have trouble keeping websites accessible because they try to fix web pages after they’re published.

Getting ahead of the problem means more than just training developers to code pages correctly; instead, it means aligning creative teams, copy authors, developers, and QA teams with a common understanding of web accessibility requirements—and then holding each other accountable to make sure they fulfilled their end of the bargain.

By refining the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) into a clear set of requirements and then creating a simple set of checklists for each team in the web development process, one company was able to immediately implement accessibility across a highly complex, agile development process.

But this same approach works well with any development process, including outsourced design and development. And it offers transparency into the process so problems can be caught early. Learn how you can implement this same process by attending our webinar.

This webinar will cover:

  • How to create clear methodologies for the web development process
  • Get you team onboard
  • How one organization quickly implemented an agile process


Ken Nakata
Principal l Convergence Accessibility