What Is Caption Import?

Caption Import is a service that allows you to upload caption files you already have and manage them with the full suite of tools available from your 3Play Media account.

Once imported into 3Play Media, you’ll be to be able to:

  • Convert your caption files into 50+ output formats (you can even change the SMPTE frame rate and starting time code)
  • Create interactive transcripts
  • Make your captions searchable across entire playlists or libraries
  • Translate your subtitles into other languages
  • Make edits to your captions or translations
  • Securely manage your assets
When importing captions from the computer, step 1 is to choose the file and step 2 previews the chosen files and user must click import.

Supported Formats

You can import captions or translated subtitles in these formats: SRT, SBV, or WebVTT. Ask an account manager if you need to upload captions in a different format.

Can I import transcripts instead of captions?

The caption import tool requires you to have captions (or subtitles) with time codes. If you have transcripts without time codes, you can import them using our automated transcript alignment service.

Can I import translated subtitles?

Yes, it is possible to upload subtitles for videos in a language other than the source language.


Caption import incurs a flat fee for each file. Caption import is only available with a Pro account. For complete details see the price list.

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