Cvent Integration

3Play Media’s round trip integration with Cvent provides automated workflows for Transcription & Captioning, as well as Live Captioning. Your video files can be transferred directly from Cvent to your 3Play Media account for processing.

After your captions have been processed for recorded video content, you can choose to automatically send them back to your Cvent account and add them to your videos. Turnaround time is specified at the time of upload and can be as quick as 2 hours. You can monitor the status of your files from your 3Play Media account.

Please note that in order for your 3Play Media account to be compatible with the Cvent integration, a 3Play Media representative must set up the Cvent integration on your behalf in your 3Play Media account. Learn more in the Integration Setup guide.

3Play Media’s automated captioning workflow makes it easy to teach others. We’re impressed by the accuracy even for professors who mumble, speak quickly, or have thick accents. There’s really no other vendor that compares in price, quality, or customer service.

Matt Lewis
Georgia Tech
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