TechSmith Knowmia Integration

How It Works

3Play Media’s roundtrip integration with TechSmith Knowmia provides a fully automated captioning and audio description workflow. You can submit closed captioning requests directly from your TechSmith Knowmia account. Once the request is approved by a Knowmia Site Admin or a Knowmia Caption Admin, the media files are then automatically transferred to 3Play Media for processing.

After they have been processed, the closed captions are sent directly back to your TechSmith Knowmia video. You can monitor the status of your files, upgrade to a faster turnaround time, or cancel the request from within your 3Play Media account.

TechSmith Knowmia Audio Description

TechSmith Knowmia offers native support for Audio Description. You can order and download standard audio description in your 3Play Media account for TechSmith Knowmia video assets. Then, within your TechSmith Knowmia account, you can select the corresponding video and easily drag and drop the audio description file into your video. Once the audio description track processes, it will become readily available for viewers. An example of this functionality is below.

3Play Media has successfully integrated into the complex workflow that our Learning Design shop brings. Their results are consistently reliable and the level of service their team provides is rare to find. 3Play Media goes beyond just another captioning company, and provides us with the tools to be efficient and innovative at a cost that doesn’t burn our budget.

Michael Brooks
Penn State World Campus
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