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How does EducationUSA use online video?

EducationUSA is the U.S. Department of State’s supported network of hundreds of educational advising centers in 170 countries. Its objectives are to assist foreign students interested in studying in the United States and to provide resources for U.S. colleges & universities to recruit those students. Video is used to attract prospective students and inform them about the process of coming to the U.S. for study. Video webinars are used to assist the U.S. higher education community in their recruitment efforts.

What is the motivation for captioning, transcription, and translation?

As part of a U.S. State Department-backed initiative, it’s essential to be Section 508 compliant. EducationUSA believes that it’s the right thing to do for visitors who have hearing impairments and it helps to reach students who know English as a second language. EducationUSA has made it a requirement that all video content on its site be captioned and transcribed. Also, many of their videos have been translated into other languages. They use an interactive transcript to make their videos interactive and to make better use of their translations.

What is the process and workflow?

Video files are uploaded to EducationUSA’s video platform, Brightcove. The videos are then imported directly to 3Play Media for processing. Once the videos have been processed, they are published through the use of an interactive transcript coupled with a Brightcove video player.

Why did they select 3Play Media?

EducationUSA had two main requirements when selecting a vendor. The first was compatibility with their existing video platform, Brightcove. The second was that they needed to accommodate foreign language translations. 3Play Media was able to meet both of these requirements through its seamless Brightcove integration and its interactive transcript that supports multiple languages. EducationUSA was also very impressed with the support they received from 3Play Media.

A photo of a young woman and an older woman smiling at each other while signing papers. Education USA watermark visible.


EducationUSA has been able to comply with Section 508 by implementing a cost-effective, streamlined workflow that integrates directly with their existing video platform. The use of the interactive transcript has allowed EducationUSA to display interactive video translations in numerous languages. The feedback from students and educational institutions has been entirely positive.

Of all the vendors we evaluated, only 3Play Media met our needs entirely. They made the extra effort to make sure we were satisfied.

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