The Situation

Sephora is a multinational chain of personal care and beauty stores with a prominent online presence that allows them to reach a diverse group of beauty-fanatics. As a way to engage with their customer base, Sephora uses the power of video to help showcase their products. Prior to working with 3Play Media, Sephora didn’t caption or describe the videos on their website. As a way to meet legal requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act, Sephora needed to prioritize the accessibility of their videos.

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The Approach


Sephora sought a simple, reliable, and compliant solution that would allow them to meet all their video accessibility needs. They also sought a vendor that provided both captioning and audio description to help simplify their workflow. In addition, they sought a solution that integrated with their video player Brightcove.

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The Results

Sephora began to implement a streamlined workflow to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Through 3Play’s integration with Brightcove, they simply tag 3Play Media on videos that need captioning and description inside of Brightcove. Sephora has also been able to capture a wider audience because of their focus on accessibility and is committed to captioning and describing all the videos on their website.

Sephora Website

Sephora + 3Play Media

Sephora has been able to streamline their workflow for captioning and audio description, while meeting legal requirements. They’ve been able to create an inclusive environment inside their online platform and capture an audience that is often missed due to online inaccessibility.

[3Play Media has] been great. We’ve always had great support. Questions are always answered very quickly. You guys have always been willing to jump in and pitch in to help solve issues.

Jackie Gagin
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