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Why Political Candidates Can’t Afford NOT to Caption Their Videos

One Response to Why Political Candidates Can’t Afford NOT to Caption Their Videos

  1. Sybil says:

    For some excellent examples of why politicians should really care about captions, check out the press conference about the sinkhole at the corvette factory. YouTube captioning at its worst: Elvis is invoked. I’m fairly certain most of it is incorrect, because it reads like gibberish.

    There are things on my state’s official website that are laughable. A woman who is supposedly telling us why she went back to school starts talking about how you should pack rocks in your car. Or rock stars. I never did figure that one out. The governor himself is captioned as saying something about people who ‘get release from wheelchairs.’ I had to think about that one: kinky porn reference or promoting programs who provide people with special mobile devices and positioning services? (Specialty wheelchairs for people who can only sit or lie a certain way without pain- I really shouldn’t have laughed…..)

    I knew I was in trouble when a video I had to watch for work started out with the caption ‘ways in German.’ The continual references to bowling and bowlers, and no further mention of those Germans made me angry enough to refuse to watch it without a better transcript. (I had to sign something saying I had watched and understood the video.) I finally did get one. They didn’t fix the video, they just gave me a paper transcript typed out by someone. It wasn’t perfect, but at least I was able to understand they were talking about Ebola, not bowling. I had suspected that from the title, but the captions…..

    Southern voices + YouTube voice-to-text captions= high comedy.

    BTW: Ways in German? ladies and gentlemen…..

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