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  • MIT150

    MIT150 Infinite History Project

    This example shows the MIT150 Infinite History Project–a digital oral archive with hundreds of recorded interviews. The videos are on a YouTube player and display an interactive transcript below the video. Users can search by keyword across the entire video library.
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  • Penn State University case study

    Penn State University

    This example shows Penn State University’s embedded YouTube videos with closed captions.
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  • Discovery Digital Networks SEO case study

    Discovery Digital Networks

    This example shows Discovery Digital Networks’ YouTube videos with closed captions. A study by Discovery Digital Networks found that adding captions increased views by 7.3%.
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  • MIT OpenCourseWare

    MIT OpenCourseWare

    This example shows MIT OpenCourseWare’s recorded lectures on YouTube with closed captions.
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  • This American Life

    This American Life

    This example shows a transcribed audio library with more than 500 episodes of the radio show This American Life. A study found that adding transcripts increased search traffic to their website by 6.68%.
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