The Situation

CivicPlus®, an industry leader in local government technology solutions, needed a modern and reliable live captioning solution that its municipal clients could utilize for sharing public meetings and events. The solution also needed to enable local governments to comply with the Americans with Disability Acts (ADA) and Section 508 requirement for video content to offer closed captioning. CivicPlus wanted to partner with 3Play Media to deliver a high quality live captioning experience for its users, while maintaining a seamless workflow that integrated with their preferred video platform: JW Player.


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The Approach

CivicPlus used an integrated approach for live captioning through its CP Media product. 3Play Media’s live captioning integration with JW Player allowed CivicPlus to display captions for live meetings directly into the JW Player stream.



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The Results

By providing integrated live and on-demand captioning services, CivicPlus was able to provide its clients with a solution to help them meet ADA guidelines, increase viewership, and allow citizens to engage in local events anytime, anywhere, and from any Internet-enabled device. 3Play Media’s live captioning also enabled CivicPlus’s citizen viewers to consume video content at times when audible sound is inconvenient or impossible, extending viewership opportunities.

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CivicPlus + 3Play Media

CivicPlus chose 3Play Media as a live captioning vendor because it was critical for it to deliver the highest quality captioning service to its local government clients. Additionally, CivicPlus chose 3Play Media because of the live streaming video platform integration options, as they needed a custom solution for live captioning through JW Player. For local governments considering live captioning, CivicPlus recommends considering the affordability and reliability of 3Play’s live captioning tools; however, the most critical factor is making sure that video content is accessible for citizens of all abilities.

We are dedicated to providing solutions for local governments to achieve and maintain their ADA compliance. We chose to partner with 3Play Media for live captioning services because we need to deliver the highest quality captions possible, and we found the quality of the 3Play Media solution to be exceptional.

Jennifer Leibrock, Solution Director, CivicClerk®
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