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+What is the captions plugin?

The captions plugin lets you add closed captions or multilingual subtitles to almost any video, even if it’s a video you don’t own. It works with YouTube and many other video players. It also makes your video searchable.

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+Does the captions plugin satisfy Section 508 and ADA accessibility requirements?

Yes, the captions plugin delivers closed captions that comply with Section 508 and ADA accessibility requirements.

+Can I use the captions plugin with my own captions or subtitle files?

Yes, you can import your existing captions and use the captions plugin or any of our other products and services.

+How do I install the captions plugin?

To install the captions plugin, log into your 3Play Media account and copy the embed code, which is dynamically generated based on your video player and the features you enable. After you paste the embed code in your web page, the plugin will automatically communicate with the video player. The captions data and search are hosted by 3Play Media.

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+Can I combine the captions plugin with other video plugins?

Yes, you can combine the captions plugin with an interactive transcript or other video plugins.

+Can I install multiple captions plugins on the same web page?

Yes, you can install a separate captions plugin for each video player on a web page. You can even install multiple captions plugins that run simultaneously on a single video player. This could be useful if you want to have different language tracks displayed at the same time.

+Which video players are compatible with the captions plugin?

The captions plugin works out of the box with these video players: YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, Ooyala, Limelight, Wistia, JW Player, thePlatform, Flowplayer, Video.js, and Blip. It can also be made to work with other video players that have JavaScript controls.

+Which mobile devices are supported by the captions plugin?

The captions plugin works in most devices, including the iPad and Android devices. It does not work with the iPhone because the iPhone automatically plays videos in full-screen mode. For iPhone support, captions or subtitles must be encoded with the video (see below).

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How to add captions or subtitles for iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, and Apple iOS

+Does the captions plugin work in full screen mode?

No, the captions plugin disappears in full screen mode.

+Does the captions plugin work with HTML5 players?

The captions plugin works with the video tag and HTML5 players that provide access to the JavaScript API, which include JW, Wistia, Brightcove, and others.

+How does the captions plugin work with a video playlist?

The captions plugin can be set up to detect which video is currently playing and to automatically load the correct captions/subtitle file. Multi-video mode only works with video platforms that use a video ID system, such as YouTube, Brightcove, Kaltura, and others.

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+Can I edit the captions after they have been processed?

Yes, your 3Play Media account includes the caption editor that lets you make changes to the captions on the fly. If you have a hosted installation (default), any changes that you make propagate to all outputs, including the captions plugin. If you have a self-hosted installation, you will need to re-download the captions files from your 3Play Media account and upload them to your server.

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