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Security is a critical part of our business. All of our staff are bound by confidentiality agreements. We provide secure control over data and user access, and sensitive data can be transferred back and forth over a secure connection. Also, see our privacy policy.

Data Usage, Storage, and Disposal

Customer Access

The 3Play Media system supports multiple users, departments, and admin privileges. Access to data can be shared or restricted to certain users. For example, some users can have the ability to invite other users, while others may not. Access to payment and billing information can also be restricted.

3Play Media Staff Access

Data access is restricted to staff who need the access to edit the data. Our transcriptionists have access to the media while it is being transcribed. Once a transcription is complete, the transcriptionist no longer has access to that data. While processing the data, our transcriptionists do not copy the information onto their hard drive. The data is transcribed using a web-based interface and sent directly to the 3Play Media server where it is stored on each save.

Disposal of Data

Upon request, we can permanently delete your video and audio files as well as your transcripts and captions data from our servers. We will retain the names of the video or audio files, duration, and other metadata required for billing and accounting purposes. Users who delete their accounts have their data expunged. RSA authentication is required to access methods to expunge data.

Third Party Marketers

We do not share or sell information we collect with third party marketers. For additional information see our privacy policy

Data Collection and Usage

Data Collection

We do not collect information other than what is uploaded by users in audio / video form and transcribed to text.

User IDs

User IDs and passwords used to access a user’s account are encrypted at all times and we have a system to assist users to retrieve lost passwords.

File Transfer

SSL is used consistently throughout the account system. SFTP is also available to upload media files.

Credit Card Processing

We provide secure credit card payments through a third party payment processor. We store an independent ID# associated with a payment account handled by the payment processor. This ID cannot be used to identify the payment account independently and is sent to the payment processor to initialize the payment. 3Play Media does not see or store the actual credit card information.


Cookies are used to identify a user with session data using an unidentifiable string that only makes sense to the 3Play Media server and is unintelligible to a human reading the cookie. Explicit personal information, such as an email address or name, do not exist on the cookie. One month is the maximum expiration date set for session cookies.


Confidentiality and Staff Training

Our staff are USA residents who have signed confidentiality agreements with 3Play Media. Our staff are educated and trained on how to run systems correctly and best practices on security and privacy.

Protocol for Security Breach

A security breach would result in shutting down Internet access to the affected portions of the Web application while triage is performed. Any 3Play Media transcriptionist responsible for an intentional breach of security would have his or her contract terminated.

Applicable Laws

We encrypt stored email addresses and comply with CAN-SPAM laws. Other sensitive data, such as credit card information, is handled by certified third parties.

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