What’s the Difference Between YouTube’s Automatic Captions, DIY Captions, and 3Play Media Captions?

Updated: January 4, 2018

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YouTube’s Automatic Captions

Have you ever watched a seemingly innocuous video with YouTube’s automatic captions? If not, go check it out. As you’ll find, YouTube’s captioning doesn’t always get it right. In fact, accuracy rates can be as high as 80% under good conditions and as poor as 50% under bad conditions. Also, because YouTube is aware of the inaccuracy of their automatic captions, neither Google nor YouTube will index these captions for search purposes (you must upload a caption file in order for it to be indexed). However, YouTube does allow you to edit their automatic captions, which you should definitely do if you plan on using them. Here’s how:

  • Go to your Video Manager, select Edit and then Captions
  • Click on the relevant caption track.
  • Edit the text and save! (Note: you can edit time codes the same way)

CIY (Caption It Yourself)

Captioning your own content is a great way to ensure that automatic captioning doesn’t mangle your words. It also guarantees that you’re providing meaningful text for Google to index and that Google and YouTube are actually indexing your captions. Self-captioning a five minute video, provided it’s not your first time, takes about 5 to 10 times as long as the video itself. In 25-50 minutes you could increase your views and the accessibility of your videos. Discovery Digital Networks conducted a controlled study that showed a 7.32% increase in views after adding captions.

Here are the steps for captioning your video yourself and uploading them to YouTube:

3 Play Media Help You Out!

You can’t eat just one Pringle, just like you can’t upload just one video. Posting to YouTube is addicting, and more likely than not your channel has (or will soon have) over 25 minutes of video content. If you’re a consistent poster and have a popular channel, there simply isn’t enough time for you to caption everything you vlog. Wouldn’t it be great if there existed an easy, reliable, and almost immediate service that could do it for you?

You’re in luck! Captioning large amounts of video has never been easier (for you, at least). You simply select the videos you want captioned, and in the time frame of your choosing, captions will automatically appear on your YouTube videos! Captions are guaranteed to be at least 99% accurate, and there’s no minimum or limit to how much video you can submit. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Sign in to 3Play Media
  • Select the videos you want captioned.
  • Sit back and relax, then check out your channel to see your freshly captioned video!

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