Why 3Play Media is Better at Accuracy

January 10, 2019 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: October 21, 2019

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When searching for a captioning vendor, you want to find one that promises accurate captions.

Accuracy is important for the comprehension and accessibility of your caption file.

At 3Play, we have special mechanisms in place to ensure your files are 99% accurate and above. Read on to find out why 3Play Media is better at accuracy.

What is accuracy?

Accuracy is a measurement used in the captioning and transcription industry to gauge the precision and quality of a file.

Accuracy measures punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

In the captioning world, accuracy is measured as a percentage. The industry standard for the accuracy of a caption file is 99%. A 99% accuracy rate means that there is a 1% chance of error or leniency of 15 errors total per 1,500 words.

Accuracy rates below 99% are sometimes insufficient to accurately convey complex material.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software typically has an accuracy rate of 80%. Relying on ASR software alone will not produce a sufficiently accurate transcript for your viewers.

accuracy is important for your branding, reading comprehension, representation of facts, and to protect you from lawsuits.

How Does 3Play Media Measure Accuracy?

Neither technology nor humans can deliver a 100% accuracy rate; but, we can get close.

At 3Play Media, we have a measured accuracy rate of 99.6%, even in cases of poor audio quality, multiple speakers, and complex material.

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We measure accuracy based on grammar, punctuation, and spelling, but we also consider speaker identifications, non-speech elements, and transcript completeness as essential elements of a truly accurate transcript.

Many captioning vendors will promise a 99% accuracy rate, but when you actually measure their files, accuracy rates can range from 84.7% to 94.4%. Such low accuracy rates are unacceptable from an industry and accessibility perspective.

The Perfect Process for A Near Perfect 100% Accuracy

The captioning process can directly impact the file accuracy.

Using ASR alone will result in ludicrous accuracy rates. But when you combine ASR software with human power, you can help speed up the captioning process and drastically improve the quality.

At 3Play Media, we use a three-step process to deliver high-quality and competitively priced captions. We start with ASR software, which provides a rough draft of the content for our editors. Then the transcript goes through two rounds of human editing. The first round of editing cleans up the ASR transcript. The editor also adds the essential non-speech elements and ensures the audio is transcribed completely. The second round is for quality assurance. Here, an editor reviews the transcript to ensure it’s of the highest accuracy.

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How 3Play is Different From the Competition?

At 3Play Media, we care about the quality of your captions. Therefore, we have certain mechanisms in place that helps us achieve a higher accuracy rate than other captioning vendors.

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  • 1. The Process: Our three-step process was created to ensure maximum efficiency and quality. When you transcribe a file from scratch, it’s still prone to many errors. Incorporating ASR technology into the process puts less work on the transcriber, allowing them to focus on the quality.
  • 2. Quality Assurance: Every single file we process is put through a final round of quality assurance. Many vendors will charge extra for transcript review or simply leave the reviewing up to you.
  • 3. One File, One Editor: At 3Play, we never split your file. Each complete file is assigned to a specific editor. This ensures that the file accuracy is consistent throughout. Alternatively, some captioning vendors will split up large files among a pool of editors. As a result, a file can come back with inconsistencies in spelling and grammar.
  • 4. 3Play Standards: In addition to the DCMP Standards for caption quality, we have our own internal standards to ensure every file is accurate and readable.
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  • 5. Word-for-Word Synchronization: To ensure maximum accuracy and completeness, we timecode you files based on each spoken word. No other vendor offers this.
  • 6. Technical Glossaries: We allow users to upload glossaries, which include the correct spelling of words, names, and places, to help the transcriptionist editing the file.
  • 7. Consistent Accuracy with Every File: Regardless of how long your file is, or even how many files you upload, we always guarantee a 99% accuracy. With other captioning vendors, accuracy rates tend to crumble the longer the file.

Who To Choose?

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There are many captioning vendors to choose from – just be beware. Many vendors will promise a 99% accuracy rate, but in reality, their accuracy rates fall short. When looking for a captioning vendor, it’s important to question how they measure accuracy and their process for captioning to ensure you select the best one.

3Play Media takes special care to ensure your files are accurate. Want to learn more or chat with a 3Player to see if we are the right fit for your project? Click below to get started 👇
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