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Becoming the New Market Leader with Chris Antunes and Josh Miller

June 3, 2022

Interactive Transcript

Welcome to 3Play Media’s Allied Podcast, a show on all things accessibility. This week, we’re excited to share an exclusive bonus episode with 3Play Media co-founders and co-CEOs Josh Miller and Chris Antunes. Chris and Josh met at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, where they launched 3Play Media in 2007.

In 2022, 3Play serves more than 10,000 customers across multiple industries, helping them increase the value of their online video by making it accessible, usable, searchable, and SEO-friendly.

In this conversation, which was recorded live at our recent ACCESS conference in March 2022, Josh and Chris outline their vision for 3Play’s recent acquisition of Captionmax and National Captioning Canada. These two companies add a complementary suite of services to the 3Play Media family, cementing 3Play Media’s position as the premier media accessibility provider in North America.

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