3Play Media Joins The Valuable Directory for Disability Inclusion

March 8, 2022 BY KELLY MAHONEY
Updated: October 6, 2022

3Play Media is proud to announce that we have been listed in The Valuable Directory, a unique resource from the Valuable 500 featuring digital, physical, and cognitive accessibility expertise. As one of 77 organizations selected globally by an independent expert review panel, this appointment demonstrates our ongoing support of and commitment to disability inclusion.

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The Valuable Directory is a compilation of international business disability experts and intelligence, made up of consultants, suppliers, and solution providers that have clearly demonstrated expertise in their fields and have been highly recommended by thought leaders in the disability space.

Working with the Valuable 500 badge

Created by disabled people for disabled people,” this directory connects members with experts around the world for assistance progressing commitment into action, and has been professionally vetted by 21 thought leaders across the international disability space. Members see this as an exciting opportunity to not only continue the conversation on disability inclusion, but also to learn how they can make a tangible impact.

Today, on International Women’s Day, the Valuable 500 also announced that 52% of directory partners listed are female founded and/or led.

This year’s International Women’s Day theme sends an important message… If we are ever going to achieve true equality across every societal, cultural and business area, then we need to break all of the biases which have become standard practice.Caroline Casey, Founder @ Valuable 500

More about the Valuable 500

The Valuable 500 is the largest network of global CEOs committed to disability inclusion, and last year they created a global request for proposal (RFP) specifying that to even be considered for this list, organizations must have a proven track record of added value to the disability space (as well as a referral).

Since its inception in 2019, the Valuable 500 has achieved its goal of getting 500 multinational organizations to make a public commitment to disability inclusion. After reaching this goal, the organization is still determined to create a community that “supports and empowers its members to systematically transform their businesses… thereby unlocking their potential.”

 Read the full release 👉 

The Valuable Directory: a resource for digital, physical, and cognitive accessibility expertise and intelligence with link to read the release

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