How our Customer Success Teams Make us the Best Accessibility Solution

September 2, 2020 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: August 30, 2023

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At 3Play Media, we’re more than just a vendor; we strive to be the best accessibility solution for your organization. 

We pride ourselves on being a customer-centric company. Ensuring the success of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. That’s why we designate multiple teams specifically dedicated to making our customers feel undoubtedly supported every step of the way – from the sales process all the way through to the point at which a customer is assigned an Account Manager. 

This blog post will be the first of a three-part series, covering each of our customer success teams: implementation, support, and account management. 

In this post, we’ll first cover our implementation team, created uniquely to help both prospects and customers learn the ins-and-outs of the technical side of 3Play Media.


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The Implementation Process

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3Play’s implementation process was initially created for the purpose of onboarding new customers. After the contract was signed, our onboarding team was there to get new customers on their way, before introducing them to a dedicated Account Manager.

Since its creation, the role of implementation has expanded to provide customers with an experience that’s most impactful for them, no matter where they are on the road to video accessibility. 

One aspect that has changed is that onboarding is no longer only for new customers. Anyone can now undergo the implementation process. That’s right! No matter if you’re a prospect looking to inquire about a workflow or a long-term customer looking to implement a new accessibility solution, you’ll now have access to an implementation specialist if needed. 

You may be wondering, when is it appropriate to use implementation? Let’s go over some common examples when implementation is necessary: 

  • Motivated or engaged user(s) 💡: the user(s) is excited about accessibility and is ready to get started. 
  • Complicated workflows ⚙️: this is common for larger organizations that may need assistance with automation with APIs, FTPs, or use multiple video platform integrations. 
  • Diverse product interests 🧰: the organization sets aside a pre-purchase for multiple services (i.e. closed captioning, live captioning, audio description, translations, etc.) and is new to the service. This is great for both new and existing customers.  
  • Help with the first upload 📤: this is typically reserved for accounts that may need training on getting started in the Account System quickly.  
  • Deepen relationships 🤝: this asks how we can be of best service to your organization. It’s perfect for both new and existing customers. 

It’s important to note that the implementation process may not be needed for everyone. Sometimes, customers are already technologically savvy and don’t need an in-depth technical overview of 3Play Media’s online account system and its capabilities. In these circumstances, implementation wouldn’t be the best use of our customers’ time.

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The Handoff vs. The Form hands coming together

Before becoming a new customer, a prospect will work with an Account Executive, who owns the customer relationship throughout the sales process. When the Account Executive determines that the account is ready to move on from the sales process, there will be a meeting, known as the handoff, to figure out how to move forward.  

During “the handoff” process, multiple customer-facing teams come together to discuss the customer’s goals and how 3Play can best meet them. In this meeting, the Account Executive will decide whether the customer needs implementation, or if they should be assigned an Account Manager or go directly to the support team. 

The great thing about this meeting is that the customer-facing teams are all on the same page about the individual account. No matter who the point of contact is, everyone will know how to best support the customer. 

Another way implementation comes in the picture is if a sales rep or Account Manager requests a meeting on behalf of the customer through submitting an implementation form. Unlike the handoff, which is specifically designed for new customers, this option is for new, existing, and even prospective customers. 

A representative on behalf of the customer or prospect will determine if there’s a technical issue that needs solving. Implementation will then diagnose the issue and conduct testing to see how they can resolve the problem (i.e. testing a new workflow). This allows the sales rep or Account Manager to focus on building relationships, while the implementation specialist can focus on the more technical side of things. 

The great thing about implementation is that it’s like working with the middle-man between customer-facing teams, like sales and account management, and tech-centered teams, like development and product, to bring technical solutions in an easy and digestible way. 

3Play’s Unique Approach

Not all customers will need to work with the implementation team, but if a rep gets the sense that it’s needed, it will certainly be provided. 

Regardless of the volume of work, timeline and workflow needs, or technical aptitude, prospects and customers can feel assured that we’ll always have an internal meeting across customer-facing and technical teams to make the best decision on the ideal way to move forward with an account. 

Unlike many other vendors, we approach this step in a very nuanced and varied way. We’re never going to push for a signed contract and have our prospects and customers jump into something without being fully aware of our capabilities. 

The most important thing to us at 3Play Media is that our customers and prospects are provided with the right technical support and resources. 

Once the prospect or customer moves on from the implementation phase, they can feel empowered to choose the best accessibility solution for their organization!

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