How to Become a Video Accessibility Expert

September 14, 2022 BY KELLY MAHONEY

Video Accessibility 101 [Free Course]

We can’t wait to share – our Video Accessibility Course has officially relaunched! This course is designed to empower individuals to become a video accessibility expert at any organization, by providing you with the best of 3Play Media’s vast collection of resources.

Through a curated collection of blog posts, webinars, eBooks, and Allied podcast episodes, this (free!) course will break down the basics of creating digitally accessible content, compliance laws in the United States and abroad, and the potential business benefits that come along with accessible media.

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What’s in it for you?

This course is divided into six “tracks,” each focusing on a particular aspect of video accessibility – beginning with the services and features essential to creating accessible content, all the way through getting buy-in from higher-ups and publishing your now-accessible assets.

To complete this course, you’ll make your way through the following topics:

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  1. What is Media Accessibility? – Become acquainted with the tools and features that actually make video content and other media accessible.
  2. Benefits of Accessible Video – Understand the power of accessible video to become a stronger advocate at your organization.
  3. Understanding Legal Obligations for Video Accessibility – Dive into major accessibility laws and how they affect video content specifically, to feel confident about the rules and regulations that apply to your organization.
  4. Building Accessibility Into Your Process – Explore how to streamline workflows and build accessibility into your production process.
  5. Getting Buy-In – Build a strategy for creating a budget or getting buy-in for accessibility at your organization.
  6. Publishing Accessible Content – Learn how to publish accessible content and browse commonly accepted formats.

Who should sign up?

Truthfully, this course was consciously designed for anyone to become an accessibility advocate.

More specifically, this course is perfect for those who work in video production/publishing, content creation, or are a part of the accessibility space more broadly. Intended as an all-in-one resource that’s useful at any stage of the accessibility journey, this course will specifically highlight:

  • The need for accessible video
  • The benefits that become available as a result
  • Tips for developing/improving accessibility strategy to get key stakeholders on board


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Ready to get started?

To enroll in Video Accessibility 101, visit our school.

Once enrolled, users have the option of joining 3Play Media’s community of Accessibility Advocates. This is a collective space dedicated to group discussion, connecting with other like-minded professionals, or asking questions about the course. Please don’t hesitate to use this space – we’d love to hear what you think of the course, or help answer questions that come up along the way.

See you at school!

Video accessibility 101: designed to make you an accessibility leader at any organization.

This blog was originally published on Feb. 9, 2020 and has since been updated for comprehensiveness, clarity, and accuracy.

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