How to Become a Video Accessibility Expert

February 11, 2020 BY SOFIA ENAMORADO
Updated: April 1, 2020

We are so excited to announce the release of our much anticipated Video Accessibility Course!

This free course will teach you the ins and out of accessible video, while providing you with practical tips to implement into your current workflow. 

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What Will I Learn?

The course is divided into six tracks:


  1. What Do You Need to Make Your video Accessible?: Learn how to create accessible video.
  2. The Power of Accessible Video: Understand the benefits of accessible video.
  3. Understanding Your Legal Obligation for Video Accessibility: Dive into the web accessibility laws and how they apply to you.
  4. Building Video Accessibility Into Your Process: Explore how you can streamline video accessibility.
  5. Getting Buy-In for Accessibility: Build a strategy for convincing your organization to get buy-in for accessibility.
  6. Video Accessibility Publishing Matrix: Master how to publish accessible videos.

Each track is built to provide you with practical tips to help you implement video accessibility from day one.

Who Should Sign Up?

This course is geared for anyone who works in or with video. The majority of the video published today is still not accessible; One big reason is that people aren’t aware of the needs and benefits of publishing accessible video.

This course is also for people who are advocates of accessible video or interested in learning more about it. You’ll learn plenty of tips for improving your current accessibility strategy while learning how to get other key stakeholders on board.

What are People Saying About the Course?

“Its quick format makes this an easy training to recommend for admins/instructors to increase their awareness and understanding.” 
– Steve, 3Play Certificated Video Accessibility Expert

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, head over to the course home page and create a profile.

certification home page - click join to create a profile and join the network

You will be directed to the heart of the course platform where you can meet other professionals, ask questions, and post thoughts.

on the left side, scroll and select the course certifications tab

The ability to connect with other professionals is one of the most exciting features of the course. Don’t be afraid to post something on the feed or comment on other posts – we love to hear what you think!

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