Louisiana State Web Accessibility Laws

November 25, 2015 BY EMILY GRIFFIN
Updated: June 3, 2019

Louisiana’s state web accessibility policy emulates Section 508 standards for inclusive web design.

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act is a federal law that sets specific standards for how digital products, software, and services accommodate users with disabilities. Accommodations include writing alt text for images, providing text-only versions of websites, including transcripts for audio content and adding closed captions to videos.

The Rehabilitation Act applies to the federal government and organizations receiving federal funding. State governments are not specifically bound by Section 508 unless they have passed state laws or policies adopting it. These are called “Little 508s.”

While Louisiana has not passed any state laws regarding web accessibility, their accessibility policy statement adamantly supports Section 508 guidelines.

Louisiana state policy reads:

It’s really about doing the right thing. It’s about helping 65 million Americans with disabilities achieve transparent access to information. Aging baby boomers now in the workforce will need some of the technology solutions emerging from Section 508 efforts.

Federal officials say adhering to Section 508 regulations and improving accessibility for people with disabilities make good business sense. Enabling everyone to do their jobs, using the tools that help them best do their jobs, is simply good business and helps individuals become fully integrated into the workplace.

The state website provides data on disability research, Section 508 FAQs, and web design guidelines from the W3C. All Louisiana state websites are encouraged to use these resources and implement accessible design.

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