How 3Play’s Translation Can Be Part of Your Video Production Process

September 29, 2021 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: October 10, 2021

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The video production process can be long and intricate but incredibly worthwhile in the end. 

What’s the outcome of a thorough production process? A well-planned and well-executed video.

There are three parts to the production process in order from start to finish: pre-production, production, and post-production. 

When you include translation in your production process, it helps your organization become aware of the budget, timeline, and other important resources needed to create a more accessible video experience. 

With 3Play Media, we’ve made it easy for our customers to integrate our translation service into their video production process seamlessly. Read on to learn how our customers achieve more accessible video content the 3Play way! 

Tips for Incorporating Translation into the Video Production Process 🎥


Why It’s Important to Include Translation Early in the Video Production Process 

In the words of Dale Carnegie, “an hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing”. We couldn’t agree more! The time and effort put into the production process can make or break your final video outcome. 

When it comes to incorporating translation, we recommend that you think about it early on in the process – more specifically, in the pre-production stage. According to StoryTeller, pre-production is the stage where all the planning and coordination happens. 

The image below shows the tasks that go into pre-production and the other stages. For example, video strategy goals, budget, and project timeline are some of the many things to consider in the pre-production stage. Additionally, when it comes to video accessibility needs, like translation, it’s essential to factor it in this stage too. 

three steps to video production process: pre-production, production, and post-production

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There are four main reasons why you should include translation early in your production process. Let’s discuss them below:

1. You’ll have a better understanding of how much content to translate

Having an awareness of how much content to translate is extremely beneficial in the production process. 

When your team knows how many hours of content to translate, they’ll also be privy to the right resources to dedicate to the project. 

2. You’ll have a more accurate assessment of the cost

It’s best to know off the bat how much your translation costs will be as opposed to after the fact. This allows you to budget accordingly for future video projects.

This will help you tremendously, no matter if you have a high or low budget. 

3. You’ll have a better awareness of the production timeline 

Knowing your timeline early on is super important because you’re able to fine-tune your production plan. It will help you determine costs, staff support, equipment needed, and more. 

4. You’ll have to do fewer revisions

Last but not least, when you’re aware of how translation fits into your production process, you can avoid multiple revisions of your actual translations down the road. 

 Learn How to Incoporate Translation into Your Video Production ➡️ 

How 3Play’s Translation Service Can Fit into your Production Process

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After the pre-production and production stages, you want to ensure post-production is as effortless as possible. 3Play Media works hand-in-hand with our customers to do just that. 

Our translation service is designed to integrate into the post-production process so that our customers can focus on the many aspects of creating engaging videos. 

We provide unique workflows that best suit your needs like video platform integrations, custom APIs, and over 50 different downloadable file formats. 

Once your video is complete, our integrations allow you to request translations directly from your video platform. 3Play will then translate the file and automatically post it back to your platform. It’s that simple! 

It’s our mission to ensure our customers’ translations are accurate so that they don’t have to worry about revisions. However, in the event you need to make a minor change, you can easily do so within our platform at no additional cost. 

Additionally, our customers are paired with a dedicated account manager to assist them every step of the way. Our account managers help you find the best workflow based on your budget, timeline, and other needs. You can even access our support team and online support documentation

At 3Play, we value giving our customers peace of mind. If you’re familiar with our other video accessibility services then you know how much we value high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Our translation service is no exception. 

Producing engaging videos from start to finish can be a lot of work. Let us help you by taking on the translation process! 


Incorporating Translation into your video production. Learn the top things to consider in your production process. Download the checklist

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