Access Player

3Play Media’s next generation Access Player enables you to publish fully accessible media to your website with no development effort.

Access Player and 3Play Plugin

The Access Player is 3Play Media’s new, fully accessible media player that integrates with your existing media player of choice to add enhanced accessibility capabilities.
The Access Player allows the user to search and interact with a time-synced transcript and listen to an Audio Description track. In addition, it provides SEO benefits, making your content more discoverable – so you can reach and connect with your audience to the fullest extent possible.
The 3Play Plugin is still available as we continue to build out functionality of the Access Player. If you’re looking for extended audio description support on content that is visually complex, the 3Play Plugin integrates with your player and intelligently pauses the source video content until the description is complete before resuming play.

screenshot of the Access Player



Why Access Player?


The 3Play Access Player makes published time-based media more accessible, interactive, and SEO-friendly, allowing audio and video files to comply with web accessibility regulations through support for captions, transcripts, and audio description.

Flexible publishing

Easily publish a Javascript or iframe embed code, right from the 3Play platform.

Media player compatibility

Compatible with YouTube, Brightcove, Kaltura, Wistia, and self-hosted video.

Simple to save for later

Easily download your transcript with the click of a button.

Accessible and mobile responsive

The player itself is accessible and responsive, which means functionality can be controlled by your keyboard or screen reader.

screenshot of uploading source media


Use Cases


Create one accessible experience using a convenient user interface, or programmatically publish accessible experiences across all of your content.