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3Play Media’s Access Player enables you to publish fully accessible media playback to your website with no development effort. Currently in Beta-Testing.


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3Play Plugin

Make your videos interactive, accessible, and SEO-friendly

What is the 3Play Plugin?

The 3Play Plugin is a free tool that allows publishers to create a fully interactive and accessible video experience for viewers, even when using videos they don’t own.

The 3Play Plugin is customizable and compatible with most video players and publishing platforms, including LMS systems.

It enables users to add captions, interactive transcripts, audio description, and SEO to videos they don’t own and to video players that otherwise don’t support these features.

Interactive Transcript & Video Search
Type in a search term to see every location where that word is spoken in your video. By clicking on one of the instances of your search term, you’ll jump directly to that point in your video!

Audio Description
Click the “AD” icon to turn audio description on and off.

Click the “magic wand” icon to see the relevant keywords in your transcript.

Click the “download” icon to download a PDF of the video transcript.

Try it out:


Watch the Video Tutorial:


The 3Play Plugin works out of the box with HTML5 video and most major video players like YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Kaltura, and Wistia. It is compatible with most publishing platforms, including LMS systems. View our integrations.

Plugin Features

With the 3Play Plugin, you can add any - or all - of the following features to your videos with a simple iframe embed:

Interactive Transcript

Adding an interactive transcript to your website allows your users to interact with your video in an entirely new way. Users can search the video and navigate by clicking on any word to jump to that exact point. It’s also a great way to make your video accessible and broaden your audience reach with the use of translations.

Audio Description

Most video players and platforms don’t support audio description. Our audio description embed allows you to add audio description to videos without having to republish your audio or video files. You can toggle audio description on or off and change the volume of the description separately from the volume of your original audio track.

Captions Embed

If you want to add captions to a YouTube video that you don’t own – or if your video player doesn’t support captions – you can use the captions embed element of the 3Play Plugin to add captions to these videos. The captions will display alongside the video in a single iframe embed.

SEO Embed

The SEO Embed works by injecting metadata from your video into the head of your page. It’s designed to automatically boost the SEO of your video by utilizing linked data to drive traffic to your site. Because Google can’t watch a video, the transcript, thumbnail, title, and description are critical in helping search engines correctly index videos on your site. The SEO Embed uses JSON-LD to present all of this metadata to Google as a single video object, helping your video rank.

LMS Compatibility

Our public LMS-compatible plugin template allows you add videos with captions, interactive transcripts, and audio description to Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and Desire2Learn Brightspace. Simply select the “LMS Plugin Embed” template, choose your video player type, and copy the iframe provided into your LMS page!

Playlist Search

Playlist Search allows your users to search across your entire video or audio library. You can search for a term in a video or across a library of videos. Clicking on the searched term in any video in your library will jump your video player directly to that timecode in your selected video. Playlist Search is published with a simple iframe embed. Learn more >>

Simple Publishing

The 3Play Plugin is built to be simple and flexible to suit any publishing needs.

Simply select the features you would like included in your plugin, choose your video player, and copy the embed code provided into the body of your HTML.

If you would like to save your feature selections to a template to use on future videos, you can do so at any point.

We provide two embed options:

Simply copy and paste the iframe embed provided into your HTML.

iframe embed (recommended)

  • Compatible with most video players
  • Compatible with most publishing platforms
  • Compatible with LMS systems
  • Compatible with YouTube videos you don’t own
  • Single line embed code

javascript embed (custom)

  • Requires changes to HTML on the page
  • Video embed is not included in the plugin embed
  • More customizable in complicated publishing workflows
  • Compatible with most video players
  • Not compatible with LMS systems

Built-In Customization

Customization of Plugin features is available directly in the plugin builder. Simply use the checkboxes provided to select the features you want included in your plugin. You can customize the styling of individual features by using the checkboxes to select the elements you want included in your plugin. For example, select “collapsible” under interactive transcript to allow users to close the interactive transcript feature.

You can also choose a color scheme for your plugin by choosing the Light or Dark skin under Style Settings.

Light skin shows a light theme on the plugin. Dark skin shows a dark theme on the plugin. Plugin features shows enabled features for the interactive transcript.

Examples of what you can do:

Publish a video with a customized interactive transcript


Video type: Brightcove
Interactive transcript: Collapsible, searchable, downloadable, view keywords, view translations
Style: Dark
Embed style: iframe

Publish a YouTube video you don’t own with captions & audio description


Video type: YouTube
Captions feature: Minimizable, searchable
Audio description feature: Enabled on load, extended description
Style: Light
Embed style: iframe

Publish an interactive transcript with an audio file

Interactive transcripts are the perfect accompaniment to a podcast or other audio-only media, which otherwise have no visual indicators to find what you’re looking for in a piece of media. It allows you to search and jump to precise points in the podcast, and to highlight keywords in the transcript itself. Additionally, transcripts are required under WCAG 2.1 Level A for audio only content.

Interview: Raising Awareness About the Need for Digital Accessibility

  1. Press play on the audio file.
  2. Press the wand icon to turn keywords on and off.
  3. Use the search bar to search for a term.
  4. Click any line in the search results to jump to that instance of the search term.
  5. Click anywhere in the transcript to jump to that point in the audio file.

Media Player type: HTML5
Interactive transcript features: Keyword view, searchable
Style: Light
Embed style: Javascript

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