Why 3Play?


Oracle University utilizes 3Play Media’s roundtrip integration with Brightcove to easily caption their long-form training videos. All they need to do is tag their videos for captioning directly in Brightcove, and 3Play Media automatically posts back accurate captions once they’re ready.

It’s a no fuss way for Oracle University to caption their videos and ensure the content is accessible and engaging for all viewers.

Oracle University Snapshot

BEN LABRUM: [The interactive transcript] is a really useful thing, beyond compliance and accessibility, that all of your users can appreciate.

Why Captions for Oracle University are Important

Oracle University transcribes and captions 100% of their online video content.

Ben Labrum explained how the interactive transcripts add value by giving users the ability to search a video for keywords and increase engagement with the content. Captions and transcripts improve student comprehension.

Oracle has subscribers watching their videos from all over the world, and captions help bring their training videos to non-native english speakers.

BEN LABRUM: The thing that you’ll notice about some of these international/multinational/global companies is that they have operations all over the world. They’ll have an India development center and a lot of people working around the globe who may not have English as a first language…[Captions] help a lot with the non-native speakers. So to be able to read along if the American accent is difficult for you, or we have a presenter who has some other wacky accent– it’s much easier to follow along with subtitles.

And of course, captions and transcripts make Oracle’s videos accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing students — an added benefit that Ben calls “a happy accident.”

BEN LABRUM: It’s really cognitive reinforcement…. So when you read it and hear it at the same time, it helps you remember better…Captioning and transcripts add additional value. We do it because the video search function and interactive transcript are cool…. Captions are great, but accessibility is a happy accident for us.

Adding Value to Video with Captions & Transcripts

Ben explains that a slight increase overall production cost is well worth the extra value that captions and transcripts provide, especially when offering a premium video product.

BEN LABRUM: We really believe that [captioning and transcription] is the future, so we’re making this investment already…If we’re providing this premium content at a premium price, we need to add value any way we can. That’s how we arrived at doing transcription.


The Benefits of Captioning Oracle University Video Training

Oracle has seen the incredible benefits of captioning and transcription, such as accessibility, engagement, reaching a global audience, interactivity, and comprehesion.

BEN LABRUM: Transcribing video is fast and easy and it powers useful features beyond compliance. It’s the captions, the search and browse. It gives you a lot of great opportunities outside of compliance.


8 Benefits of Transcribing and Captioning Online Video

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