The playlist search plugin allows your users to search across your entire video or audio library.

Works Almost Anywhere

Playlist Search works out of the box with many different video players.

Video Search for Large Video Libraries & Playlists

Search results are displayed on visual timelines for all relevant media files. You can expand a segment to view its corresponding transcript or begin playing the media from that exact point. As the publisher, you can define the group of videos being searched. You can also apply custom styling and turn features on and off.

A screenshot of MIT's Infinite History site featuring the interactive transcript and playlist search functions. Within the transcript the user has searched for robots, and the word is highlighted where it appears in the transcript. In the playlist the user has searched linguistics and each video featuring that word is shown with the number of times the word is mentioned

Demo Instructions

  1. Search for a term (e.g., “Spanish”).
  2. Use the drop down under the search bar to view videos in other categories.
  3. Click on a blue segment to play the corresponding video.
  4. Enjoy!

Two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly.

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