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O’Reilly is a learning company that publishes books, produces tech conferences, and provides an online learning platform. It helps to connect individuals, teams, and enterprises with the world’s leading experts and content providers. O’Reilly offers videos, live online training courses, interactive tutorials, books, case studies, and holds conferences throughout the year.


The Situation

O’Reilly offers two main types of video content: recorded presentations from live events made available on its learning platform and content produced in a studio that offers training on technical topics.

O’Reilly has made it its goal to provide high-quality captions for 100 percent of its videos in a scalable manner.

Why? To O’Reilly, creating accessible video content “feels like the right thing to do.” It recognized that closed captioning is important in the publishing sector because it adds value to its content, prepares the company for the ever-evolving legal landscape surrounding digital accessibility, and expands its audiences to include those who rely on captions.

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The Approach

O’Reilly wanted to implement a captioning process that was sustainable long-term and was drawn to solutions that (a) integrated well with its system and (b) that allowed customizable API workflows.

Because O’Reilly offers technical content and wanted to ensure true video accessibility, it would only be satisfied with high-quality, accurate captions. It looked for a solution that would ensure reliable quality control measures and consistent quality.

After consideration, O’Reilly identified 3Play Media as its vendor of choice. 3Play Media and O’Reilly’s engineering teams then worked together to integrate their systems to streamline captioning processes. O’Reilly was drawn to 3Play Media’s quality control steps, which ensure high-quality captions and guarantee 99% accuracy for every caption file.

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The Results

O’Reilly now provides closed captions and on-page transcripts for all new studio-produced videos, for keynote speeches, and for top-performing talks at live events. In addition, all special requests are prioritized for captioning. The company remains dedicated to its goal, which is to provide captions for 100 percent of its videos. It continues to work towards this goal and has already seen many benefits from captioning its videos.

O’Reilly utilizes video transcripts to enhance SEO to its website, which allows its audience to more easily find content. Its videos now provide a more robust and accessible viewing experience for all viewers that supports viewing flexibility and varying viewing preferences and is more accessible for all audiences.

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O’Reilly + 3Play Media

O’Reilly is and has been working towards providing closed captions for 100 percent of its video content because it recognizes the value that accessible videos provide, such as increased viewership and broader audiences.

The company chose 3Play Media as a captioning solution because scalability was critical. Both O’Reilly and 3Play worked together to integrate their two systems together and streamlined the captioning process using custom API workflows. In addition, 3Play Media provides consistent quality control measures that guarantee high-quality, accurate captions for O’Reilly’s highly technical content.

I would describe [3Play Media] as well-integrated, high-quality, and future-proof captioning…It allowed us to scale in a way that provided a high-quality product.

Dan Fauxsmith
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