3Play Media Donates to the Theatre Development Fund (TDF) for Giving Tuesday

December 4, 2020 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: March 2, 2021

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Every year during the holiday season, 3Play Media gives back to the communities we serve in hopes of shining a spotlight on the importance of accessibility.

This year for Giving Tuesday, the global day for charitable giving, we decided to raise funds for a meaningful organization, the Theatre Development Fund, also known as TDF. We’re thrilled to announce that with the help of our amazing customers, we’ve raised $8,000 for TDF!

TDF is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the power of performing arts to everyone, including people with disabilities, by eliminating barriers to attendance.

Its Accessibility Programs provide access services for theatergoers who are deaf or hard of hearing, have low vision or are blind, have autism, and have mobility disabilities. The goal is to create live theater environments that are accessible to all. It includes services such as open captioning, ASL interpreters, audio description, accessible seating, and autism-friendly performances.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Broadway and theatres are closed indefinitely and funding barriers have raised challenges for the organization. However, thanks to the support of our customers, TDF will be closer to making the performing arts accessible during this unprecedented time.

So, how did our customers help 3Play Media raise funds for TDF this year? They simply did what they normally would, but with some added instructions! Customers saved their files to upload on Tuesday, December 1st, otherwise known as Giving Tuesday, for Captioning and Transcription services. 3Play increased our donation for each file submitted – at no extra cost to our customers.

At 3Play Media, we aim to make the world a more accessible place because we believe everyone has the right to feel included, regardless of ability, and the folks at TDF work to make that happen. A special thank you to everyone who made this campaign for TDF possible. We’d like to extend our sincerest gratitude for all of the support we received on Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is part of 3Play It Forward, a charitable initiative to create a more accessible digital world. To learn more about how we 3Play It Forward all year long, visit our landing page.

Learn how we 3Play it forward. 3Play Media cares about making the world a more accessible place. Discover how we support organizations with the same mission! Learn more.

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