Why 3Play Is Better Than Other Transcription Jobs

October 19, 2021 BY 3MEDIAWEB
Updated: January 19, 2023

Wondering if you should apply to work as a 3Play transcriptionist?

3Play’s benefits, pay, and growth opportunities are unparalleled to other transcription jobs – just ask our current transcriptionists!

If you are on the fence about applying, keep reading to uncover why this could be your perfect side hustle.



On average, we pay our contractors three to four times more than other transcription companies.

We believe strongly in treating our contractors ethically and paying them fairly – often three to four times more than other transcription services.

3Play Media transcriptionists are paid weekly for work completed during the previous week. Pay rates are based on the length, deadline, and difficulty of the file. Contractors set their own schedules and are able to claim the jobs they want to work on at any given time.

“I love the flexibility and the pay is very competitive with other captioning services.”
– 3Play Transcriptionist

3Play Media Transcriptionists can unlock new job types as they become stronger transcriptionists.

Outside of the task of transcript editing, we have many other tasks and opportunities for contractors to earn more money with 3Play over time, including:

  • Quality Assurance: responsible for reviewing files after the editor finishes them.
  • Auditing: conducts random audits of files to ensure quality.
  • Audio Description: translates the visual information in a video into description.

As we continue to innovate and introduce new service offerings, contractors will have even more income streams to choose from.

“I enjoy the challenge of editing because it exercises my mind and keeps me sharp.”
– 3Play Transcriptionist

We have the best editing interface, according to our experienced transcriptionists.

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When it comes to transcription jobs, the editing platform matters. At 3Play, we’ve built a proprietary editing platform designed to maximize efficiency for our editors.

Editors receive a time-coded, automatically generated transcript for every video and audio file on the 3Play marketplace – so you never have to start from scratch! Our easy-to-use platform allows editors to personalize their settings and set shortcuts. Editors can also favorite projects to make it easy to find their preferred files.

Furthermore, we are constantly adding new features based on user feedback.

“[The 3Play Platform] makes captioning more efficient than any other captioning software I’ve used, and this again ties into making the pay worth it.”
– 3Play Transcriptionist

Our video and audio quality is also unmatched by other transcription jobs.

If you ask any of our transcriptionists they will tell you that our marketplace is full of high-quality files to transcribe. Veteran transcriptionists confess that poor-quality files can cause major headaches. Luckily, at 3Play, we work with some of the biggest content creators in the world, which means our marketplace is full of files in excellent condition.

“My favorite thing about 3Play is the general high quality of jobs to choose from compared to the competitor I started with.”
– 3Play Transcriptionist

Our Contractor Operations Team is directly available to assist all transcriptionists.

We have a team dedicated to supporting and improving the contractor experience. Our awesome team is directly available to assist all transcriptionists with any questions or issues that may arise.

The operations team works closely with contractors and actively listens to feedback from existing contractors. Additionally, the team hosts monthly webinars where transcriptionists can ask questions and hear about any updates.

“I love the responsive and kind management team.”
– 3Play Transcriptionist

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