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Our mission is to help create a more accessible digital world.


3Play Media Cares About Accessibility 💗

We love solutions that benefit the communities we serve and understand how important it is to shine a spotlight on accessibility. 3Play It Forward helps support organizations who share the same mission. On Giving Tuesday, we give back to charities focused on creating a more accessible world. We celebrate GAAD to help raise awareness for digital access and inclusion, and ACCESS FOR ALL was created to help make media content surrounding social justice accessible to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community.

How We 3Play It Forward

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 Giving Tuesday 🎁 


Giving Tuesday is a global movement that was created in 2012 to inspire charity and generosity. Once a year on Giving Tuesday, for every file you submit for transcription and captioning services, 3Play Media will donate $1 to a designated charity.

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 GAAD – Global Accessibility Awareness Day 🖥️ 


The goal of Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) is to raise awareness for digital access and to focus on inclusion for the more than one billion people around the world with disabilities.

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More and more media content is being produced online to support education and activism around social justice. We believe this content is critically important and everyone deserves access to it. To that end, we’ve created ACCESS FOR ALL to help make this content accessible to the d/Deaf and hard of hearing community, and we are covering the cost of transcription and captioning to do so.

Learn More About ACCESS FOR ALL