Jeroen Wijering Addresses Interactive Transcripts as One of the Top 3 Innovations in Online Video

October 14, 2014 BY LILY BOND
Updated: October 29, 2021

At the ReelSummit conference in July, Jeroen Wijering, founder of JW Player, gave a keynote address in which he discussed what he believes to be the top 3 new innovations in online video technology. These three innovations are adaptive streaming, hot spots for interactive video, and interactive transcripts.

Note: You can view Jeroen’s entire presentation with an interactive transcript at the bottom of this page.

Interactive Transcripts Make Video Searchable

In his discussion of interactive transcripts, Jeroen points out right away the importance of captioning. By captioning and transcribing your videos, you unlock the potential for video files to become searchable, SEO-friendly, and accessible. He thinks that interactive transcripts take captioning to the next level by really individualizing the viewing experience. Not only can viewers read along with the video at their own pace; they can download the transcripts, search within them, and use them for notes.

Perhaps the most exciting feature that interactive transcripts bring to online video is the ability to make videos searchable. Viewers can actually search within the text of the interactive transcript to find the most relevant content. By clicking on a piece of the transcript, they can jump directly to that point in the video. 3Play Media has developed this search functionality even further with playlist search, which allows users to search across an entire video library and jump to the exact point in any video that they want to view.

Example of Interactive Transcript and Playlist Search

Jeroen believes that interactive transcripts will revolutionize the way viewers watch video. By exposing all of the content within a video, interactive transcripts make search much more lucrative. The way that search exists now, a video search might return a short summary of the video content; the viewer may have to watch an entire 20-minute video to find exactly the part they are looking for. With interactive transcripts and playlist search, the potential is there for search to return exact mentions of your search term, allowing viewers to jump directly to relevant content.

Interactive Transcripts Boost SEO

Another huge benefit of captions and transcripts is that they provide a significant boost to SEO. Again, rather than just providing a short summary of a video, transcripts and captions provide search engines with a comprehensive picture of your video. To prove his point, Jeroen demonstrated how JW Player was able to steal the number 1 search rank for the term “ReelSummit” from the ReelSummit hosts themselves (ReelSEO) by adding transcripts to their video.

JW Outranks ReelSEO for Search Term Thanks to Transcripts

As Jeroen says, many captioning vendors are able to further enhance your video SEO by extracting keywords from the transcript to use for meta descriptions, ad targeting, and related content. 3Play Media has developed a unique way of extracting intelligent keywords that takes into account more than just keyword frequency within a transcript. We use advanced language processing techniques to determine each word’s importance within the video. The result is a “smart” list of keywords and keyphrases that you can use to even further boost your SEO.

Of course, in order to benefit from the features Jeroen discusses above, you must first transcribe your video. By adding a text-based version of the words spoken within your video, you unlock the potential for SEO, search, accessibility, and so much more. If you want to try captioning your content yourself, take a look at our DIY captioning and transcription resources. However, if you want to include interactive transcripts with your video, 3Play Media is one of the only vendors offering this feature. In addition to interactive transcripts, 3Play Media offers captioning, transcription, playlist search, video platform integrations, and intelligent keyword extraction.

Below is Jeroen’s full presentation about the top new innovations in online video technology. You can find his discussion of interactive transcripts at around 9:00. Or, just search below the video for “transcript” and you can jump directly to the parts you’re looking for!


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