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March 24, 2021 BY ELISA LEWIS
Updated: February 6, 2024

Millions of Americans got to experience working from home during the pandemic. As many can now attest to, there are a number of benefits and a lot more flexibility when working remotely. When set up successfully, online work has many benefits, including less time commuting, increased productivity, money saved, greater job satisfaction, and more time for health fitness, and family, to name a few. We have good news – working from home doesn’t have to end when the pandemic ends!

person jumps with joyThere are many online jobs you can get started with right now, including work from home transcription jobs. Online transcription jobs offer all of the flexibility and benefits of remote work, plus they make a big difference in creating a more equal and accessible world and web. That’s right – you can help make video content accessible – with online transcription work right from the comfort of your home (or wherever you choose to work!)

What online transcription jobs entail


As a transcriptionist, you will work to edit transcripts from video and audio files. At 3Play Media, our innovative approach to captioning is what truly sets us apart from other video accessibility services. Leveraging technology in combination with human editing means that our transcript editors play a crucial role in making our company who we are. After running our files through state-of-the-art automatic speech recognition technology, our transcription editors work diligently to clean up the automatically generated transcript, to provide the most accurate and accessible captions possible. 

Online transcription jobs are perfect for those who are seeking complete control of their schedule, weekly paychecks, and the flexibility of a work from home job. If that sounds good to you, you can apply for a transcription job today!

Requirements for online transcription jobs

For transcription jobs, you will need a computer and a strong network connection. A good pair of headphones is also strongly recommended, particularly if there are others in your home working remotely.

At 3Play, we seek transcriptionists who have:


Excellent written communication skills

Excellent command of English grammar and punctuation

A love for working from home

Strong proficiency with internet research and reference resources

Ability to manage projects and work independently

An eagerness for a flexible schedule

Interest in contributing to 3Play’s mission of creating accessible videos

Interest in learning new things

👉 Checked three or more boxes? Apply Now

Transcription jobs with 3Play Media

cartoon man touching a screen

We may be biased, but we think that transcribing for 3Play Media is one of the best online transcription jobs you can find! Firstly, this is transcription work that makes a difference.

As a transcript editor at 3Play Media, you’re also valued, can learn something new, and will make fair money. We know that humans are a necessity for creating high quality captioning, so we believe strongly that we should treat those humans ethically and pay them fairly.

Fair pay can speak volumes when it comes to showing appreciation and respect for the work our editors put in. Our editors seem to agree, and think that we are doing a great job:  “The pay is phenomenal and the upper management seems to know what they are doing more so than other companies.” 


 Perks of Being a 3Play Media Transcriptionist: ➡️ 

What our transcript editors say

Our transcript editors do a ton behind-the-scenes, but that shouldn’t stop them from getting the spotlight! Without our hard-working and diverse group of editors, we couldn’t do what we do. That’s why, every year we make sure to take time to hear from our editors directly and find out how they feel about working for 3Play Media. We’re proud to consistently receive positive feedback from our editors, and to know that our editors truly love working at 3Play Media.

Some of the things our editors love about online transcription work with 3Play are:

  • The flexibility
  • The 3Play staff
  • The content they transcribe

One editor shared,  “It’s genuinely fun to transcribe much of the content, and I’ve learned a little about so many different topics.” 

“I am a single mother to a beautiful 16 month old boy. Nikki with her son3Play allows me to earn extra income above and beyond my salary so I can afford the best things for my son and can afford to send him to the best childcare center.”⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
-Niki B., Minnesota

Whether you’re looking to earn an extra income, make the world a bit more accessible, create your own schedule, or work from home, online transcription jobs could be right for you! Apply to transcribe with 3Play today.

Apply to be a 3Play Transcript Editor!

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