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Accommodations in real time – made for your peace of mind!

Are you a CART Supervisor, Real-Time Captioning Coordinator, or Access or Disability Resource Center professional who is tired of grappling with coverage and staffing shortages, lack of support, and a cumbersome workflow for live captioning services in student accommodations?

Look no further! Our innovative solution is designed to address all your challenges, provide a seamless experience, and most importantly, remove access barriers for your students.

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Goodbye, clunky workflows. Hello, 3Play Media!

Features Built to Meet Your Needs

Live Professional Captioning gave me a lot of peace of mind for our Accessibility Camp Symposium. I definitely feel this product was worthwhile and helpful – it saved my sanity, relieved a lot of headaches, and helped carry the event’s accessibility. It’s been a great experience working with 3Play Media and a breath of fresh air to be able to put your trust in a vendor and know that we’re going to get quality live captions. Not only does 3Play care about accessibility, they care about me, and that translates clearly when utilizing their services like Live Professional Captioning.

Jeremy Seda
North Idaho College

What You Can Expect


AIM + 3Play Media Integration

Accessible Information Management (AIM) is a comprehensive accommodation, appointment, and case management software designed to empower your Disability Services department. Built by Disability Services professionals for Disability Services departments, AIM deeply understands the needs of the industry and provides the best experience for higher education accommodations management.

3Play Media and AIM have integrated to streamline the fulfillment of real-time accommodation requests to remove your students’ access barriers. Once you’ve linked your 3Play Media and AIM accounts, managing student needs for real-time captioning couldn’t be easier. This enables:

  • Better Student Experience: Students get everything they need for the entire semester right in AIM, including a single captioning link for each course.
  • Better Staff Experience: Staff no longer have to manage the extremely manual process of being the intermediary between the student, AIM, and the captioning provider.

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