Kaltura Integration

3Play Media’s round trip integration with Kaltura provides an automated workflow for captioning, subtitling, and transcription. Your video files can be transferred directly from Kaltura to your 3Play Media account for processing.

After your captions or subtitles have been processed, they are automatically sent to your Kaltura account and added to your videos. Turnaround time is specified at the time of upload and can be as quick as 2 hours. You can monitor the status of your files from your 3Play Media account.

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How it works:

How it looks:

Customize your video with captions and audio description files by uploading through a 3Play account, or submit videos for services directly from your Kaltura account.

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MediaSpace and REACH support

Our workflow works where you do – that’s why our integration also works for those using Kaltura MediaSpace and Kaltura REACH.

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3Play Media enables T-Mobile to meet fast approaching deadlines and deliver high quality closed captions. The support team is very responsive and show that they care about the quality and efficiency of their services. I highly recommend 3Play Media to video publishers looking for professional transcription services with a partner that is easy to do business with.

Josh Rowin

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